Home Program Help Hour - Individual Class

Regular price $25.00

A 45 minute time slot offered weekly dedicated to helping parents and caregivers with their baby’s Home Program.

  • The parent/caregiver will come in with their baby and their Home Program and do the whole thing (or as much as able) during the session.
  • Bring your baby and bring your questions! We will coach you through your baby’s Home Program and explain anything that needs explaining.  
  • A therapist will be there to offer ideas of ways to make what you are doing even better and/or to explain parts that you or the baby are struggling with.
  • The therapist will be in a consultative, coaching position. The therapist will be helping based off the Home Program you bring in; she will not know details of your specific baby.
  • Parents and nannies who are able to implement their baby’s Home Program can tremendously help their infant improve!

RequirementBaby must be a current patient of Carolina Kinder Development

Cost:     $25 per family